We The People
We The People: The American People's Party

The Plan consists of establishing the Party of We The People, The American People's Party in all 50 states, by complying with the rules set forth by each Secretary of State. The purpose of the Party would be to take exemplary action at the local and state level, and to choose an exemplary Presidential leader at the national level.

Exemplary action needs to come before elective office, and continue thereafter, because exemplary action and inclusiveness can be the features that differentiate our Party from the rest.

Ideally, the Party would be established in all 50 states by 2006, and field its own winning Presidential candidate in the Presidential election of the year 2008; in the worst case scenario, the Party would be established in all 50 States by 2008, and have its exemplary leader win the Presidential election in the year 2012.

To get started in each State, one individual, will register the Party with the Secretary of State. Each state could have periodic conventions where the people would decide what exemplary action they would like to undertake at the community and/or state level, and later, the people could participate in a national convention to choose a Presidential candidate.

These conventions would be open to all the people, and voting would be on a one person/one vote basis. To insure that the rights of minorities are respected and unity prevails, no policy nor candidate would be approved unless it received a super-majority approval vote of 60% or more.

In 1856, the Democrats and the Whigs were the "Two Party System." The first State Convention of the Republican Party, the new third party, was held on May 29, 1856, in Bloomington, Illinois, where Abraham Lincoln was the keynote speaker.

In that same year of 1856, the first National Convention of the Republican Party took place in Pittsburgh when delegates from 24 states attended - and four years later their nominee, Abraham Lincoln, was elected President. Abraham Lincoln's Third Party then went on to replace The Whigs in our "Two Party System."

Let us remember that miracles can and do happen -
witness the end of U.S. slavery,
the election of the first Catholic President,
the fall of the Berlin Wall,
the end of apartheid in South Africa,
and the election of third party candidate Abraham Lincoln in 1860!

Undoubtedly, as We The People becomes a strong Third Party, some will slander us with false accusations. Still others will join us - and be welcomed with open arms.

To those that slander We the People, let them remember what Abraham Lincoln said in his "Cooper Union Address" of 1860: "Neither let us be slandered from our duty by false accusations against us, nor frightened from it by menaces of destruction...Let us have faith that right makes might, and in that faith let us dare to do our duty as we understand it."6

Implementation and Budget

For this Plan to work, we need people, time, and money. Initially, we need a few people with quite a bit of time. Ultimately, we need a lot of people and a lot of money. The first step would be to get We The People legally formed in the key state of New Hampshire, which has already been accomplished under The People's Party, a not-for-profit entity. The second stage would be to spread to all fifty states in the U.S. at the local and state levels, as soon as possible. The final stage would be to go national, and elect an exemplary leader President of the United States in the year 2008, or, if there is an unforeseen delay, in the year 2012.

I am pleased to report that, as of this date, We The People, The People's Party has been registered with appropriate State entities in All Fifty States !!

1. New Hampshire March 13, 1995 "The People's Party"
2. Connecticut April 4, 1995 "We The People"
3. Colorado December 4, 1995 "The American People's Party"
4. Massachusetts June 17, 1997 "We The People"
5. Florida July 3, 1997 "We The People"
6. Maryland September 29, 1997 "We The People, Inc."
7. Utah November 4, 1997 "We The People Utah"
8. Wyoming November 6, 1997 "We The People, Inc."
9. New Mexico November 15, 1997 "We The People New Mexico(WTP)"
10. Montana November 19, 1997 "We The People, Inc."
11. Nebraska January 7, 1998 "We The People, Inc."
12. Iowa January 9, 1998 "We The People, Inc."
13. South Dakota January 12, 1998 "We The People South Dakota"
14. Idaho February 9, 1998 "The American People's Party, Inc."
15. Texas February 18, 1998 "We The People"
16. Rhode Island February 21, 1998 "We The People"
17. North Dakota March 2, 1998 "We The People"
18. Mississippi March 2, 1998 "We The People"
19. Kansas March 2, 1998 "We The People"
20. Alabama March 2, 1998 "We The People"
21. Arkansas March 2, 1998 "We The People(WTP)"
22. Alaska March 5, 1998 "We The People(WTP)"
23. Illinois March 5, 1998 "We The People-WTP-Illinois"
24. Arizona March 6, 1998 "The People's Committee"
25. Oregon March 5-9, 1998 "We The People, Inc."
26. Delaware March 6, 1998 "We The People-WTP"
27. Hawaii March 6, 1998 "We The People"
28. Georgia March 5, 1998 "We The People (WTP)"
29. Washington March 7, 1998 "We The People Washington"
30. Oklahoma March 7, 1998 "We The People Oklahoma
31. Kentucky March 7, 1998 "We the People Kentucky(WTP)"
32. Michigan March 13, 1998 "We The People"
33. Indiana March 13, 1998 "We The People"
34. Missouri March 21 1998 "We The People, Illinois"
35. California March 23 1998 "The American People's Party"
36. Minnesota March 31, 1998 "We The People Minnesota(WTP)"
37. Louisiana March 31, 1998 "The American People's Party, Inc."
38. Tennessee April 1, 1998 "We The People Tennessee WTP"
39. Maine April 1, 1998 "We The People Maine" (WTP)
40. West Virginia April 13, 1998 "We The People West Virginia"
41. New Jersey April 15, 1998 "The American People's Party, Inc."
42. Vermont April 16, 1998 "We The People Vermont"
43. Nevada April 17, 1998 "We The People, Inc."
44. Wisconsin April 21, 1998 "We The People Wisconsin"
45. South Carolina April 21, 1998 "We The People South Carolina (WTP)"
46. Ohio April 23, 1998 "We The People Ohio"
47. Pennsylvania April 29, 1998 "We The People Pennsylvania"
48. North Carolina May 4, 1998 "The American People's Party, Inc."
49. New York May 6, 1998 "We The People New York"
50. Virginia May 11, 1998 "We The People Virginia"

To win the U.S. Presidency in the year 2008 will cost up to $400 million. But, every long journey starts with one small step forward. Initially, the majority of the funds will be used to communicate our message of hope that We The People can positively affect our country's future.

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