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The Boston TV Party highlighted the Problem. For the Solution to the problem, a winning third-party coalition of independents, click here.


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WHO: WE THE PEOPLE, a national citizen's movement and third party advocating campaign finance reform, members of WE THE PEOPLE, and Jeffrey Peters, Chairman of WE THE PEOPLE and independent candidate for President of the USA.

WHAT: Two hundred and twenty-seven years later, the second Boston Tea Party, The Boston TV Party, featured the dumping of TVs into Boston Harbor from the Boston Tea Party Ship to protest the exclusion of third party and independent candidates from the upcoming televised presidential debates. *(TVs were removed from the harbor after the event with ropes; no pollution resulted from this event.)

WHERE: The Boston Tea Party Ship, docked at Congress Street Bridge, Boston, Massachusetts and the Chelsea, antique Ellis Island Ferry used for the pre-event meeting and Independent/3rd Party Coalition Building Forum after the event. The Boston Tea Party Ship and the Chelsea were perfect sites for these events - it's where our history began as a country!

WHEN: Monday, October 2, 2000, 12:00 noon

BACKGROUND: Registered in all 50 states, WE THE PEOPLE, a citizen's movement and third party led by Jeffrey Peters, seeks to honor freedom of speech and the right of U.S. citizens to hear all the presidential candidates in the nationally televised debates on Oct. 3, 11 and 17. Peters, a New Hampshire based entrepreneur who has been covered by CNN, CBS News, The New York Times, The Boston Globe and NPR, has campaigned in 37 states and plans to campaign in all 50 by Election Day. He strongly believes the American people are ready to take back their country from big money and special interests.

The second Boston Tea Party called the Boston TV Party, was organized and sponsored by WE THE PEOPLE, a new national citizen's movement- and was an awesome success capturing the imagination and enthusiasm of all who participated and heard about this historic event. The national media came out in full force - TV, print and radio - and the coverage was excellent!

The Boston TV Party was the top story all afternoon and evening on CNN's Headline News, and was covered live by the Boston affiliates of CBS News at Noon and NBC News at Noon; New England Cable News and MTV also covered it; and C-Span broadcast the entire 1/2 hour event.The Boston Globe and Boston Herald carried huge photos of the event the next day, and The Associated Press syndicated the story nationwide.

History was made, our founding fathers and mothers are proud - - following in the footsteps of Sam Adams and the Sons of Liberty televisions with screens saying the names of television networks and the 2 major political parties and their candidates were thrown over the side of the ship to the chant:

Dump the T into the sea,
Dump the V into the sea,
TVs into the sea, TVs into the sea.

No big money bribery- this government belongs to you and me!
We are tired of 2 party tyranny, this country belongs to you and me!

"This Event is for You!" - remarked Jeffrey Peters,
Co-Founder of WE THE PEOPLE and independent candidate for President of the United States.
He continued -

"Non-Voters, and voters, want more choices, not less! After all - non-voters choose from three or more television networks, three or more car companies, and three or more soap detergents.

So why only two choices for President - Bush or Gore, Bore or Gush, Tweedledum or Tweedledee?

Make no mistake about it - No one can win the Presidency of the United States, if they are excluded from the televised debates. And yet the two parties are excluding all third party and independent candidates from the televised debates. That's wrong. And we, the people are going to make it right.

In addition, we protest the breach of the U.S. Constitution's most fundamental right - the freedom of speech and the right of the people to hear all of the candidates. Only when the people have all the information will they be able to decide who is best qualified to lead this great nation into the new millennium - George Bush, Al Gore, or a third independent alternative.

So, the Boston TV Party not only protests exclusion from the debates; the Boston TV Party also declares our independence from the two party tyranny and the corrupt collusion with the monied interests that "bribe" both parties and their candidates. Now is the time to end legalized bribery in our country!

The 1st Boston Tea Party was the most important event leading up to the American Revolution - the revolution of independence from King George III of England in 1773.

The 2nd Boston Tea Party - the Boston TV Party will be the kick-off event of the 2nd American Revolution - the revolution of ballots, not bullets. We're going to give the non-voters a positive reason to vote. We're going to form a powerful coalition of independents to win back the White House for the people. So that once again we will have a government of, by, and for the people - we, the people!

In America today, we have government of, by, and for the wealthy corporations - that's called plutocracy.

We the People want government to be of, by, and for the people - that's called democracy.

Democracy YES! Plutocracy NO!
Democracy YES! Plutocracy NO!

Repeat after me:
Democracy YES! Plutocracy NO!
Democracy YES! Plutocracy NO!"


Following the TV Party which began with a reading of the Preamble to the Constitution, everyone gathered on the Chelsea for the Coalition Building Forum.Representatives from WE THE PEOPLE, The Independence Party, The Green Party, The Reform Party, The Natural Law Party, and The Libertarian Party joined in dialogue with members of The Alliance for Democracy, The Independent Progressive Political Network, and The Committee for a United Independent Party. Building a coalition of independents is what we are all about - we need to work together - we need to build together another choice for the voters - over 60% of us do not vote and many of us are disillusioned, if the independent movement and 3rd political parties could set aside egos and personal gain we could take back our government. Together we stand a chance - apart we stand alone. We must unite, we must find our voices of coalition, we must set aside differences and agree to disagree on some areas. Our areas of common interest and concern are what unite us - we care deeply about our country - we are committed to succeeding together - it will be a long journey - but it is well worth the effort we make - its time to "ignite" this fire - we could accomplish our task this election cycle - but not without huge effort and real commitment - and the egos, they must be set aside for the common good!

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