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We The People's Call to Action - 10/20/00

If you believe in a winning coalition of Independents - unity versus division - (after all, we are the United States.) then send this to Ralph Nader ( e-mail: or fax #202-265-0183) and ask him to call Jeffrey Peters of We The People. Ask Nader what he is doing about this idea - is he cooperating with coalition building?

We ask each person receiving this to be proactive, send it to as many people as you can and send any responses back to us so that we can copy our network - we need to "grow" this idea - we need people to lead, to follow, or to get out of the way! To quote Benjamin Franklin: "we must all hang together or surely we will all hang separately."

Thank you for your efforts - Jeffrey and Cici Peters

Ralph Nader is the alternative/ 3rd party/independent candidate with the highest name recognition and highest ranking in the polls (even though polls are swayed by who is polled, what the criteria is, and how the questions are asked). We have written to Mr. Nader about coalition building, about being inclusive versus exclusive. Mr. Nader is in the "me first" and the "I am the only solution" mode of thinking right now. Ralph, you can/could be a leader!

The writing is on the wall - Nader will lose, Hagelin will lose, Buchanan will lose, Browne will lose, Phillips will lose, McReynolds will lose, and Peters will lose. We have one option and that is "PLAN B"- as Benjamin Franklin said: "we can all hang together, or surely we will all hang separately." Together we are strong, separately we are weak. There is nothing to be lost and much to gain - a coalition would be historical!

The people want to vote, they want choices, they want to feel their vote counts and is not wasted.

No alternative third party or independent can win alone - Ralph, John, Pat, Harry, Howard, David, and Jeffrey - ask your mothers - your "butts" are in the wringer, why shoot for 5% when together we can win!? Abraham Lincoln and Jesse Ventura showed us that it only takes 34 - 39% to win in a three party race!

Chris Matthews of "Hardball" wrote recently that if someone has not made up their mind yet with 3 weeks to go until Election Day, they should not vote! Welcome to "KGB land" where people are told if they can vote, and when - mind you we have 3 more weeks and no clear choices - we have two similar candidates, two similar parties, and a majority of voters who feel they have no real alternative. Some will vote for what they perceive is the "least worse of the two", and what law or amendment says that we should only have two choices? Some will decide that they will not vote - that their vote will not matter, some will vote for an independent or 3rd party candidate trying to make a statement - trying to tell the country that they do care, but they want real choices not carbon copies!

Our country is about to get tanked and we, the people - we, the voters are just sitting back on our haunches and watching it happen! In fact, most of us are not even watching - we are apathetically uninvolved - we say our vote does not matter, that our opinion does not matter! How dare we! Our most precious right is that of democratic rule - the basis of which is voting. We are the most powerful nation in the world, our governmental system is the best - but, we are letting it die from apathy! WAKE UP AMERICA - freedom and democracy are what we have fought for, what our fathers and mothers have died for! Remember WWI and WWII? What we have is precious - it is sacred! If we do not keep involved and stay active in our process we will surely perish, it will happen slowly - it will be a slow death, but that is where we are headed - it doesn't matter who you vote for - just VOTE!!

The people do not just care what each candidate believes - they want someone they can believe in. Someone who can get the best and brightest on the team - not his team/ not the government's team/ but, our team - the people's team! This country is headed toward self destruction, but we are not there yet.

The debates are between vacuous* people with vacuous ideas, with candidates conducting polls to decide what the people want them to think and, how the people want them to say what they think we want them to say! Democracy is - choice - truth - honesty -values - a belief system beyond ourselves - we do not have that now! Can we "get it back"?

Who is representing the voters? Who is listening to the independents, the majority of us? We feel we have no choice - what were WWI and WWII fought for anyway?

This is not about "me" it is about "we" and "us" - it is about the country - all of us! We are the largest democracy in the world - we are the example. And, shame on us for acting very undemocratically! This country is on the critical list, but it is not dead yet. We need to care enough - the least we can all do is VOTE!

We need a coalition of not only people, but of ideas! That is democracy! The people need a choice, a real choice. The voters need to see egos set aside and candidates with ideas running on their ideas with a desire for a real and continuous/continuing conversation with voters.

All the independent candidates have let the voters down - and worse the media has not served the public interest or the public need - the media decided over a year ago who the candidates were to be, that is not democracy.

There is no place in our constitution or governmental structure that specifies we have only a 2 party system - we are a democracy - we are free to think, to believe, to decide what we will support and who we will support.

It is time for the people to have real choices, not competitive debates. Debates are exclusive and divisive; the theory politicians and generals use is to divide and conquer, on the other hand - coalitions are united. Its time to stop predetermined outcomes. Its time to stop the "lock-out" by the 2 party system. If we are truly a democracy, we are free, we expect a free exchange, we expect real choices and options.

This country was great once - the model for the world. We used to help each other, be concerned for each other, we thought of others before ourselves. A coalition would be founded on a common commitment to our founding documents: the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution.

Now we are a "me first" country of consumers who care little about each other, our families, our environment, our world. We are the only animal which soils our own nest, our own home! We need to go back to our original greatness - love of country and of each other.

We need to use our voices and our rights as citizens. If we do not choose to use our voices and our vote, we are powerless, first we must give up the right to vote by not voting , before there exists the opportunity for our right to vote to be taken away from us. We must preserve our rights - we must all VOTE!

Think of it, if the over 60% non-voters and uninterested or undecided voters would hang together - we would soar once again as the greatest democracy in the world - one where the citizens care about one another, where citizens are involved and committed to making sure our form of government continues to work.

We hold the solution in our hands - literally - use them and cast your vote on November 7th. If nothing else, vote for the Presidency - it is the only nationwide vote, its your/our chance to speak with a "national voice," where each of our votes is equal to every other vote. Without your participation, we have only a partial democracy - we need everyone involved -we are, after all - a country of, by, and for the people, all the people!

*vacuous -
1. Empty; unfilled; void; vacant
2. having or showing a lack of intelligence, interest, or thought; stupid; senseless; inane
3. characterized by lack of purpose of profitable employment, etc.; idle; purposeless

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