We The People
We The People: A Call for Real Reform

Today's campaign finance system is a threat to America's democratic values of fairness and equality. Special interest money carries too much weight, at a tremendous cost to the rest of us. Campaigns are too long and expensive. Good people without access to big money do not have a fair chance to run and to win. Only voters should be allowed to donate to campaigns, not corporations, not unions , no influence peddling - one person/one vote. Candidates spend too much time fundraising and not enough time on voter concerns and issues.

It is Time for a Fundamental Change in the way America Finances Election Campaigns!

We must curb special interest influence in policy-making, limit spending on campaigns, and free lawmakers from the money chase so they can do their jobs. It is time to bring our political democracy back to the fundamental principle of "one person, one vote" and "government of the people, by the people, and for the people."

We Believe:
Candidates who reject contributions from private sources and accept spending limits should have the option of receiving "clean money" - public funds. We call upon the President, the Congress, and the states across the nation to enact this Campaign Finance Reform!

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