We The People
We The People: Press Release

Announcing a "Progressive" Reform Party "Alternative" to Pat Buchanan:
We The People and Peters For President
Press Release

Spring 2000
Issued by Press Secretary of Peters For President, Jackson, NH
Mr. Peters is available to answer questions regarding this announcement, and to conduct interviews for radio, television or the print media.

Vowing to provide a home for the progressive and centrist wings of the Reform Party, Jeffrey Peters announced that he is a Candidate for the nomination of President for the Reform Party of the United States, and for We The People, The American People's Party.

"The Reform Party should not become a right wing party. Abraham Lincoln was the last third party candidate to win the presidency, not George Wallace. Abraham Lincoln was the last third party candidate to win the presidency, and I intend to be the next," Peters proclaimed.

Peters is a fresh face providing a new kind of leadership, one that empowers the people to take back their government. Peters believes government should be the servant of the people, not the master! He favors small, but excellent, government; workers' prosperity, and small business success. He's against big business and big labor bosses, who have stolen our democracy and corrupted our government. In short, Peters is a progressive populist, and a member of the moderate majority. He is the voice for independence.

"Truth in Action" - that's the motto of Peters For President. "Tell the truth, Be inclusive, and Take exemplary action." That's why Peters co-founded We The People in 1995 and made genuine campaign finance reform his number one priority. That's why We The People organized a week long citizen's action on campaign finance reform in April of 1999. That's why Peters walked for a week in Texas with Granny D - the female Gandhi of America who walked from California to Washington, DC on behalf of campaign finance reform and a rebirth of democracy. And, that's why the Peters joined Granny D on her triumphant entry into Washington DC on February 29, 2000 and got national public television to cover that event for the Democracy Project series.

Jeffrey Peters was President of his class in high school, and graduated Cum Laude from Harvard College in 1970, where he majored in Government. He studied the American Presidency with Doris Kearns Goodwin and Foreign Policy with Henry Kissinger.

Mr. Peters was elected and re-elected to the legislative body of Greenwich, Connecticut. He was a candidate for US Congress, before Co-Founding We The People in 1995.

A 51 year old New Hampshire based entrepreneur, Mr. Peters is concerned about citizen participation, educational reform, catastrophic health insurance, environmental choice, strong but efficient defense, and the disparity in our economic prosperity, but he feels these issues cannot be properly addressed until our electoral system is rid of big money and special interests.

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