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Letter to the Editor
"Finally, Some Good News for McCain and Bradley Supporters!"

April 7, 2000
Dear Editor:

For those of you who voted for John McCain and Bill Bradley, for those of you who are disappointed that John McCain and Bill Bradley withdrew from the race before you had a chance to vote for them, I have some good news.

The good news is that their cause of genuine campaign finance reform and returning this government to you, the people, is alive and well in a new citizen's movement called WE THE PEOPLE.

WE THE PEOPLE are the majority and on November 7, 2000 we can vote for and elect a Presidential candidate who will achieve real democracy by means of genuine campaign finance reform ( including public financing of campaigns and free media time to credible candidates to create a level playing field).

That candidate's name is PETERS. Peters is of the people, by the people, and for the people.

That's why Peters co-founded WE THE PEOPLE in 1995 and made genuine campaign finance reform his number one priority. That's why WE THE PEOPLE organized a week long citizen's action on campaign finance reform in April of 1999. That's why Peters walked for a week in Texas with Granny D - the female Gandhi of America who walked from California to Washington, DC on behalf of campaign finance reform and a rebirth of democracy. And, that's why the PETERS joined Granny D on her triumphant entry into Washington DC on February 29, 2000 and got national public television to cover that event for their Democracy Project series.

So, don't despair - keep hope alive, keep democracy alive by joining WE THE PEOPLE's crusade to take big money out of politics. Our country was born on the concept of self-government. WE THE PEOPLE can achieve a rebirth of self-government and a rebirth of democracy. WE THE PEOPLE can replace cynicism with hope, alienation with inspiration, and most importantly, we can replace apathy with action, exemplary action.

With the departure of John McCain and Bill Bradley, we lost the first battle, but the new American revolution has only just begun. WE THE PEOPLE can achieve victory on November 7, 2000 by giving a new leader a mandate for genuine campaign finance reform. "WRITE-IN" PETERS FOR PRESIDENT because Peters is for the People. WE THE PEOPLE will rise again!

Join the cause by calling us at toll free 1-877-WeThePeople, or visit our web site: www.WeThePeople-WTP.org. This is your country, our country - and we want it back!

Sincerely yours,

Jeffrey B. Peters
Co-Founder of We The People
e-mail: PetersWTP@aol.com; Tel. 603-383-4285 or 1-877-WeThePeople
web site: www.WeThePeople-WTP.org or www.PetersForPresident.com

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