We The People

We The People: National Coalition of Independents

Dear Friend,

Come and make history in Manchester by signing your own Declaration of Independence!

We The People, the same folks who brought you the second Boston Tea Party, The Boston TV Party, are calling a meeting to formalize a National Coalition of Independents.

The meeting will take place on March 17 — 18, 2001 in Manchester, NH whose airport features low cost SW Airlines flights.

Please call or fax the Peters immediately at tel./fax (603) 383-4285 if you would like to attend and we will provide you with additional details. We need to hear from you ASAP!

Remember what Benjamin Franklin said: "We must all hang together, or surely, we will all hang separately!" We all hung separately in the 2000 election; let's make sure we all hang together now and in the future, as a winning third alternative to our corrupt two party system.

Patriotically yours, Jeffrey and Cici Peters

P.S. Please find the first draft of the National Coalition of Independents for your review, comments, and any suggested changes.

National Coalition of Independents

We, the independents, declare our independence from big money and the "special" interests, and for the principle of direct democracy, as stated in the preamble to this Constitution: "We The People…do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America."

We hereby form this Coalition of Independents to work tirelessly for electoral reform and campaign finance reform. By electoral reform, we mean the direct democracy initiative, direct election of the President, uniform ballots, free ballot access, and instant runoff voting for all federal elections. By campaign finance reform, we mean voter financing and free television time for candidates.

Remembering Benjamin Franklin's prophetic words, "we must all hang together, or surely, we will all hang separately," we respectfully submit our signatures in support of our beloved country.

Signed by:
Independent Voters
Independent Candidates
Independent Citizen Movement Members
Independent Third Party Members



Location: The Wayfarer Inn, 121 South River road, Bedford, N.H. 03110
Phone: (603) 622-3766; Fax (603) 666-4454

Registration Fee: None, it's free!

Directions: Attached

Transportation from Manchester Airport: It's free; but make sure you call ahead and make a reservation at (603) 622-3766. Call this number directly before you arrive and let the transportation person know your arrival time.

Options: Hopefully, you can attend both days. If not, you can attend either day. See Agenda attached for program details.

Your responsibilities: If you are staying overnight at The Wayfarer Inn call ahead and reserve your room at the discounted rate of $89 + tax. Rate is confirmed for We The People by Mr. Monahan at the Wayfarer Inn. Each person is responsible for their own: drinks, dinner, and breakfast, on a "dutch treat" basis.

The Agenda of Independents for March 17 — 18, 2001

Saturday, March 17, 2001
3:30 PM
Nashua Room
Wayfarer Inn
Short Introductions by each of the participants, including the "twin" of Thomas Jefferson

Come Full Circle to The Spirit of 1776: Music and inspiration

Private screening of segments of the movie "1776", portraying the signing of the original Declaration of Independence

Break for coffee, tea, and your favorite "spirit" — rum was the "spirit" of choice for our Founding Fathers (cash bar)

First Reading of the second Declaration of Independence, declaring our independence from "big money and the special interests", and for a National Coalition of Independents

Comments by Former U.S. Senator Mike Gravel on the importance of direct democracy, as a complement to our representative form of government, and the inclusion of direct democracy under electoral reform.

Followed by comments from Doris Haddock, "Granny D" on the importance of Campaign Finance Reform.

Lenora Fulani will speak on ballot access and the independent movement.

Discussion and possible amendments to the document

Signing of the National Coalition of Independents (signing by any individual is optional and not a requirement for attending the meetings)

Dinner at The Wayfarer Inn Restaurant and Pub ("dutch treat")

Sunday, March 18, 2000
Breakfast at The Wayfarer Inn Restaurant ("dutch treat")

9:00 am
Executive Cottage
Living Room
Thomas Jefferson comments on the historical significance of our meetings from his perspective in the year 2020

Reflections by other participants

11:00 am
Closing Music: Come Full Circle

Join We The People

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