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Co-Founders: Jeffrey & Catherine Peters  
Tin Mine Rd., Jackson, NH 03846  

born March 17, 2001

At an assembly sponsored by We The People and chaired by Jeffrey B. Peters, the long awaited birth of The National Coalition of Independents took place in the spirit of 1776 at Manchester, N.H. on March 17, 2001. Under the banner of a rising sun and with the words: "We Are One", members of 4 Independent Third Parties, 8 Independent Citizen Movements, 18 Independent Voters and 2 Independent former Candidates for Governor of Vermont and President of the USA were the founding signators of The National Coalition of Independents. Attendees came from 8 different states.

Inspired and energized by 90 year old signator Doris Haddock, "Granny D", all founding signators recommitted themselves to work tirelessly for campaign finance reform and electoral reform. Remembering Benjamin Franklin's prophetic words, "We must all hang together, or surely we will all hang separately," these new American patriots respectfully submitted their signatures in support of our beloved country and for a united third party presidential candidate in 2004.

This second Declaration of Independents began: "We, the independents, declare our independence from big money and the "special" interests, and for the principle of direct democracy, as stated in the preamble to this Constitution: "We The People…do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America."

In his keynote address, Senator Mike Gravel persuasively convinced the assembly that the Direct Democracy Initiative being encouraged by Philadelphia II is the most likely means for achieving meaningful campaign finance reform and electoral reform. (see their websites at: www.p2dd.org or www.philadelphiatwo.org). Granny D received a standing ovation for her provocative remarks on reclaiming our democracy by joining her in taking direct action in Washington, DC, March 19-31,2001 to win passage of the McCain-Feingold campaign finance reform bill. And, Lenora Fulani and Gary Sinawski spoke passionately about the need for independent parties to unite in seeking free ballot access and federal matching funds by means of a million independents marching on Washington, DC with the support of Ross Perot, Jesse Ventura, and Ralph Nader.

Signators of The National Coalition of Independents included members of these Independent Third Parties: We The People, The People's Party; The Natural Law Party; The Reform Party, and The American Liberty Party.

Signators also included members from these Independent Citizen Movements: The Direct Democracy Initiative – Philadelphia II; The Alliance For Democracy; The Coalition of Free and Open Elections (COFOE); The Committee for a United Third Party (CUIP); Real Democracy Project; Veterans for Peace; The Independent Progressive Political Network (IPPN); and We The People (WTP). Individuals from the following 8 states attended the founding of The National Coalition of Independents: Virginia, Maryland, Massachusetts, New York, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Vermont, and Maine.

To find out more about this exciting National Coalition of Independents and the movement toward taking back our country from the special interests, contact: We The People – Jackson, NH 03846. Websites for some attending organizations are: www.WeThePeople-WTP.org

www.p2dd.org or www.philadelphiatwo.org

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