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We The People: Events 2000
  • We the People convene first Citizen's Cabinet and announce the "Boston Tea-V Party" for Monday, October 2nd to protest the October 3rd Presidential Debate.

  • The Peters, former Ridgefield residents are in California to find out: WHY HAS THE REFORM PARTY SPLIT ?

    August 14, 2000

  • The Peters, former Ridgefield residents, are in California attending the Democratic Shadow Convention and People's Convention
    August 14, 2000

  • To complete the We The People -Listening to America and Taking Action Awareness Tour of all the continental US States in the RV Campaign Bus we toured the Northern States and Western States in the late spring and summer of 2000 and we toured the Southwestern States and rest of the Central States in the fall of 2000.

  • The Peters and the We The People Campaign for our country bus attended the August Conventions in California for: the Reform Party in Long Beach, August 10-13; People's Convention in LA, August 10-12; and the Democratic Shadow Convention in LA, August 14-17.

  • Jeffrey and Cici Peters attended the first Shadow Convention in Philadelphia, PA on August 1 - August 3. Speakers who came together to share problems and potential solutions for government corruption (Clean Money Campaign Finance Reform), poverty and economic disparity (The People's Prosperity Act), and the failed War on Drugs (legalization of medical marijuana and decriminalization of drugs accompanied by more money for treatment and drug education). The shadow Convention was an important step toward opening up the forum to the people, and not allowing the Democrats and Republicans to host only glittery conventions of media extravaganza which do not address the country's problems, propose solutions or involve the people in those discussions. The people are interested in direct democracy combined with representative democracy; the people want to share their concern and recommendations; the people do not want a coronation/ they want an open and free election! We also want and need a time to discuss the country's problems and issues; the potential solutions and successes!

  • We The People first Citizen's Cabinet Meeting was held July 22-23, in Jackson, NH. This was a historic meeting where citizens from around the country gathered to discuss proposals of positive governing changes that would take big money out of politics and return the country to its roots: a government of, by, and for the people. "It's our country and we want it back!" (see press release for full information).

  • Alliance for Democracy's 4th Annual Convention held in Davis, California - July 13-16, 2000. AfD was formed in 1995 (the same year WTP began!) when Ronnie Dugger sent an urgent message in the Nation Magazine - a call to action regarding the crisis of democracy, about how corporate interests, private interests have seized the civic interests and hence the government. "We are ruled by Big Business and Big Government as its paid hireling, and we know it." AfD through civil disobedience (reading the Declaration of Independence in the Capitol Rotunda in Washington, DC and risking arrest) and the "Democracy Brigades" are committed to transformation of civic virtues.

  • In July, We The People and Jeffrey Peters supported Oregon in their Citizens Initiative signature drive for Clean Money Campaign Finance Reform and attended the ceremony at the State Capitol where the over 100,000 signatures were handed in to the Secretary of State to qualify for the November 2000 ballot. A similar successful effort is being completed in the State of Missouri.

  • Jeffrey Peters completes a successful petition signature gathering drive in Washington State as one of the 18 states needed to qualify for the Reform Party Ballot. He qualifies for 3 states, collects signatures in 11 states and formally announces his intent to become the first national write-in candidate for President of the US, as well as running under the We The People banner in the November election.

  • June 1-5, 2000 - Independent Progressive Political Network Conference (IPPN) i n Madison, Wisconsin.

  • "Re-igniting the American Spirit" Summit in Washington, DC, April 27 - 30, 2000; Jeffrey Peters speaks at Presidential Candidate Forum.

  • "We The Future" Convention in Philadelphia, PA - April 16-17, 2000

  • February 29, 2000: Granny D arrived in Washington, DC - a major success on the steps of the nation's Capitol!

  • Jeffrey B. Peters Candidate for New Hampshire Democratic Primary - February 1, 2000 [Campaign Website]


We The People: Events 1999
  • To complete the We The People Awareness Tour of all the continental US States with the RV Campaign Bus, in the late spring and summer of 2000 we tour the Northwestern States and Upper Central States; and we toured the Southwestern States and Lower Central States in the fall of 2000.

  • The Peters for President Campaign visited towns, college campuses and senior centers in New Hampshire between December and the February 1, 2000 Primary

  • November 19, 1999: Jeffrey B. Peters' Announcement for President at the National Press Club in Washington, DC [Full text of speech here]

  • Clean Money Campaign Finance Reform: WTP Citizen's Action, April 7-14, 1999, Washington, D.C.

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