We The People
We The People: WTP Founding Statement

We the People, in order to create a more perfect Union; to enhance Justice; to provide for the Common Defense; to ensure Domestic Tranquility; to promote the general well-being of all the people; and to guarantee Liberty and Freedom for ourselves and our Children;

Do hereby establish We The People, America's third party of the moderate majority, because:

  • Thomas Jefferson and Abraham Lincoln each founded successful New Political Parties when "The Party System" of their time no longer served the best interests of the People; there are thus two historical precedents for New Parties Winning the Presidency; and

  • Too much money has corrupted the Democratic and Republican Parties which have become Parties Of, by, and for the Special Interests and the Political Insiders, who are more concerned about gainlng power via character assassination of their opponents, than doing the right thing for our country; therefore, we need a Party which promotes public financing of all Congressional and Presidential elections.

  • The Democratic Party is in danger of being controlled by the Left Wing and the Republican Party by the Right Wing, thus creating a political vacuum in the "sensible center" for a Party of the moderate majonty;

"Everybody is organized but the people";

We need to renew our greatness as a nation by going back to our roots and to the first principles contained in our Constitution and The Declaration of Independence. And in order to fulfill the historical promise of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, We The People do proudly Re-Pledge our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor.

As George Washington once said:

"Is anybody there?

Does anybody care?"

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