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June 2000 - October 2000

74. June 2000: Jeffrey Peters helps build home with the Habitat for Humanity in Conway, NH, Jackson Community Church News.

75. August 9, 2000: Jeffrey Peters speaks on San Diego Public Radio 89.5FM on the need for cutting the military budget by 15% ($40 billion), and using that money to improve education.

76. August 11, 2000: History Channel's producer Anthony Giacchino interviews Jeffrey Peters prior to Presidential Debate hosted by The People's Convention in Los Angeles, CA.

77. August 12, 2000: National Public Radio's Los Angeles affiliate at 89.3FM covers Peters' statement from the People's Convention Presidential Debate: "Big money is the crack cocaine of politics, and George Bush and Al Gore are addicted. I've got news for Al and George - We the People own the White House, and it's not for sale."

78. August 12, 2000: Senior Reporter Bill Minutaglio of The Dallas Morning News interviews Jeffrey Peters regarding the Reform Party Convention, We The People, Third Party Unity, The Boston TV Party of October 2nd, and the Peters For President campaign, The Dallas Morning News, Dallas, Texas.

79. August 14, 2000: WMWV 30 minute Radio Drive Time Interview with Jeffrey Peters regarding the Reform Party Convention and The Boston TV Party, WMWV, Conway, NH.

80. September 25, 2000: Woody Woodland, talk show host for WGIR Radio, interviews Jeffrey Peters from 9AM - 10AM regarding We The People, Peters for President, and The Boston TV Party, WGIR Radio, Manchester, NH.

81. September 27, 2000: WBAI "Behind the News" 30 minute interview with Catherine Chase Peters by Rosemary Mealy. Topics included the platform of We The People and the upcoming Boston TV Party. WBAI 99.5 FM in NYC, NY.

82. September 27, 2000: The Conway Sun, "Jackson Town Column" by Carrie Costello carries the announcement of the upcoming Boston TV Party.

83. October 1, 2000: The Boston Sunday Herald carries interview with Jeffrey Peters regarding The Boston TV Party: "We're protesting the tyranny of the two party system and it's corrupt collusion with the television networks."

84. October 2, 2000: CNN Headline News highlights the Boston TV Party as its top story all afternoon with great shots of Jeffrey Peters, The Boston Tea Party Ship, and the dumping of the TVs into Boston Harbor.

85. October 2, 2000: CBS Channel WBZ covers The Boston TV Party live on their "News at Noon" program.

86. October 2, 2000: NBC Channel 7 WHDH covers The Boston TV Party live on their "News at Noon" program.

87. October 2, 2000: New England Cable News (NECN) covers The Boston TV Party and interviews Catherine H. Chase Peters about the concept.

88. October 2, 2000: MTV covers The Boston TV Party.

89. October 2, 2000: C-Span covers The Boston TV Party in its entirety for 30+ minutes, and broadcasts it a minimum of 3 times.

90. October 12, 2000: National Public Radio, Boston affiliate, WBUR interviews Jeffrey Peters about The Boston TV Party.

91. October 2, 2000: Pacifica Radio Network interviews Jeffrey B. Peters regarding The Boston TV Party.

92. October 2, 2000: Los Angeles TV Station Channel 9 covers The Boston TV Party.

93. October 2, 2000: Philadelphia TV Station covers The Boston TV Party (source: Kaveh Mojtabai).

94. October 2, 2000: Indiana TV Station covers The Boston TV Party (source: Gus Jaccaci).

95. October 3, 2000: The Associated Press (AP) syndicates favorable story on The Boston TV Party.

96. October 3, 2000: The Boston Globe carries large photograph of The Boston TV Party.

97. October 3, 2000: The Boston Herald carries large photograph of The Boston TV Party.

98. October 3, 2000: The Christian Science Monitor carries favorable story on The Boston TV Party.

99. October 3, 2000: The Union Leader carries favorable story on The Boston TV Party.

100. October 3, 2000: The New York Daily News: carries favorable story on The Boston TV Party.

101. October 3, 2000: USA Today, carries favorable story on The Boston TV Party.

102. October 3, 2000: The Greenwich Times, carries favorable story on The Boston TV Party.

103. October 3, 2000: Metrowest Newspapers carries favorable story on The Boston TV Party.

104. October 5, 2000: "Candidate Jeffrey Peters organizes a Boston T-V Party and protests third party candidates' exclusion from TV debates" - feature article in The Mountain Ear, Conway, NH.


January 1999 - May 2000

1. January 28, 1999: "A Reform Minded Third Party Candidate Jackson's Jeffrey Peters Discusses His Upcoming Presidential Campaign" - feature article in The Mountain Ear , Conway, NH.

2. February 25, 1999: "Jeff Peters, 2000 presidential candidate, hits trail with reform message" - The Ridgefield Press, Ridgefield, CT.

3. February 25, 1999: "Jeffrey B. Peters of Jackson, NH has organized a political movement called 'We The People'" - Richmond Times-Dispatch "Capitol Briefing", Richmond, VA.

4. March 1, 1999: "Candidate Peters Tours East Coast Fighting For Another Viable Party In The Electoral Process" - The Washington College Elm, Chester, MD.

5. March 26, 1999: "Will Jeffrey Peters Be The Next President?" - Key West The Newspaper, Key West, FL.

6. March 28, 1999: "Independent candidate shares views with students" - Citrus County Chronicle, Crystal River, FL.

7. April 9, 1999: "Campaign Finance Reform Briefing - We The People" - The Washington Times "Washington Daybook", Washington, DC.

8. April 18, 1999: CBS Radio Network Bureau Chief, Howard Arenstein interviews Jeffrey Peters for 10 minutes on "Capitol Insights" carried on over 100 CBS Radio Affiliates nationwide - Washington, DC.

9. June 2, 1999: "We The People...there can be no quarrel with its strong environmental platform that gives it a significant head start over the two traditional parties in: "Platform Preview" by Ed Flattau for Global Horizons, Washington, DC.

10. June 3, 1999: AP wire story on Jeffrey Peters, Campaign Finance Reform, and Peters' possible national "write-in" campaign for President in the year 2000.

11. June 3, 1999: ABC New Hampshire affiliate WMUR TV- Channel 9, carries AP wire story on morning news, repeating throughout the day, Manchester, NH.

12. June 4, 1999: WMWV-FM Radio Conway - "5 pm drive time" 15 minute interview of Jeffrey Peters by George Cleveland, grandson of President Grover Cleveland, North Conway, NH.

13. June 5, 1999: "Jackson man tries third party run for President - Peters believes campaign finance reform will spawn rebirth of democracy"- front page feature article- Conway Daily Sun Weekend Edition, North Conway, NH.

14. June 7, 1999: New Hampshire Public Radio, Jeffrey Peters 5 minute discussion on the success of Abe Lincoln as third party candidate for President in 1860 and We The People in 2000, with the host of "The Exchange Room", Concord, NH.

15. June 7, 1999: WTSN Radio - 50 minute interview of Jeffrey Peters by Mark Miller, "talk-radio" host, Dover, NH.

16. June 10, 1999: "An Alternative Solution for Kosovo", a Letter to the Editor written by Jeffrey Peters and published by The Conway Daily Sun, North Conway, NH.

17. June 24, 1999: "Granny D treks through county", The Sentinel, (Jeffrey Peters walked and escorted Granny D for 10 days while she walked through Texas, he was mentioned in the article), Ranger, Eastland County, TX..

18. June 24, 1999: "Pacesetter - Walk across America", Fort Worth Star-Telegram, (interview of Granny D with mention of Jeffrey Peters and We The People), Fort Worth, TX.

19. June 28, 1999: "At 89, she's out for a 3,000-mile trek of protest", The Boston Globe, (interview of Granny D with mention of Jeffrey Peters and We The People, with photo of them both walking in Texas), Boston, MA.

20. July 18, 1999: "Who's I charge here anyway? New party says let the people vote on every national issue", feature article, Boston Sunday Globe, New Hampshire Weekly, Boston, MA.

21. August 20, 1999: WSMN 1590AM - 40 minute interview of Jeffrey and Catherine Peters by Arnie Arneson, Nashua, NH.

22. September 1, 1999: New Hampshire Public Radio, Jeffrey Peters - 3 minute discussion with Senator John McCain on the best strategy for passage of campaign finance reform legislation.

23. November 8, 1999: "In New Hampshire, the Fight for Independents " Jeffrey Peters provides a paragraph of commentary for The New York Times, New York, NY.

24. September 30, 1999: ABC News affiliate WMUS-TV, of Manchester, NH covers portions of Jeffrey Peters speech on "Campaign Finance Reform" before the NH Reform Party State Convention in Manchester, NH.

25. November 8, 1999: on the day that he filed for the NH Presidential Primary, Jeffrey Peters is interviewed by ABC News affiliate WMUR-TV of Manchester, NH which carries a segment on the evening news; New Hampshire Public Radio reports that Peters has filed for President, and the Nashua Telegraph and The Concord Monitor interview Peters at the Secretary of State's Office in Concord, NH.

26. November 10, 1999: "Jeffrey Peters to Run for President", The Conway Daily Sun, North Conway, NH.

27. November 18, 1999: CBS Radio Network Washington Bureau Chief Howard Arenstein interviews Jeffrey Peters for 10 minutes; portions of the interview are carried on CBS Radio News affiliates nationwide - Washington, DC.

28. November 19, 1999: 10 minute radio interview of Jeffrey Peters with Pat Collins of the Ranger, Texas Radio Station on the morning of Mr. Peters' Presidential Announcement Speech at the National Press Club in Washington, DC.

29. November 19, 1999: The Conway Daily Sun publishes favorable interview of Jeffrey Peters by Peter Case, North Conway, NH.

30. November 19, 1999: "Peters For President" National Press Club Announcement Speech Press Release distributed by National Press Club to top 100 daily newspapers of the USA; plus: ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, CNN and additional television and radio stations in the nation's top markets. Political Editor of C-Span commits to linking Peters For President.com web site to C-Span's "Campaign 2000-Road to the White House" web site and to full coverage and photographs of We The People's Presidential nominating convention in Philadelphia summer 2000.

31. November 20, 1999: Democracy in Action interview and photographs by Eric Appleton at the Lincoln Memorial for inclusion in their Presidential 2000 web site, Washington, DC.

32. November 24, 1999: 1 hour interview of Jeffrey Peters Q & A with news talk host Jeff Johns of WLKK 1400 in Erie, PA.

33. November 26, 1999: Political Editor Hugh Reynolds interviews Jeffrey Peters for feature article in the Daily Freeman published 11/27/99 article "We The People Founder Rails at 'big money' - Independent presidential candidate runs his campaign from his Winnebago"; Kingston, NY.

33. December 2, 1999: RNN-TV 30 minute interview of Jeffrey Peters for "The Big Story" by Richard French in Kingston, NY. [Broadcast coverage of the Regional News Network (RNN) includes the Hudson Valley, Westchester County, NY, and Northern NJ.]

34. December 15, 1999: prime time 30 minute interview of Jeffrey Peters for "White House Chronicle" on Channel 32 in Washington, DC made available nationally to all PBS stations and to the Goodlife Channel which broadcasts to 9 million homes nationwide.

35. December 16, 1999: Washington Daybook listing in The Washington times of "White House Chronicle" 7:30 pm TV interview of Jeffrey Peters by Llewellyn King and Linda Gasparello of "White House Weekly."

36. December 12, 1999: Front page article in Foster's Sunday Citizen entitled: "There's a political party for everyone - 'We The People wants to take on campaign finance reform...by conducting a nationwide write-in campaign'" for President, Dover and Laconia, NH.

37. December 30, 1999: "Jeff Peters offers We The People - A third party choice", The Mountain Ear, Mt. Washington Valley, Conway, NH.

38. January 2000: "Habitat for Humanity Project continues - Jeffrey Peters...helped to install decking and sills on the foundation...on a home in Conway," NH, Jackson Community Church News.

39. January 2, 2000: "Jeffrey Peters, Jackson, NH - Peters hopes to get into the national media spotlight to become a coalition candidate for We The People, representing non-voters, independents and disillusioned Democrats and Republicans", Associated Press article carried by New Hampshire Sunday News, Manchester, NH.

40. January 3, 2000: "The Peters' Principle - move over Bill Bradley and John McCain. Presidential candidate Jeffrey Peters is an outsider who believes he can ride the campaign finance reform issue to victory", Feature article, White House Weekly, Washington, DC.

41. January 6, 2000: Jeffrey Peters speaks of George W. Bush effort to buy the Presidency, and defends John McCain as a viable alternative during the 1st seven minutes of Hardball with Chris Matthews on CNBC, Durham, NH.

42. January 8, 2000: "Peters of We The People" - "In his 1962 State of the Union address, John Kennedy asked that we be ready to seize the burden and glory of freedom. It is refreshing to encounter a candidate like Peters who is attempting to do just that", The Northern Light, NH.

43. January 12, 2000: "NH Presidential Candidate Jeffrey Peters Denied Opportunity to Debate Fellow Democrats," Letter to the Editor published in Argus Champion, Newport, NH.

44. January 14, 2000: Kathy Deely of Foster's Democrat completes story on Jeffrey Peters and other NH Candidates for President, Dover, NH.

45. January 16, 2000: Richard Fabrizio interviews Jeffrey Peters and other Presidential Candidates for a front page article in The Portsmouth Herald, Portsmouth, NH.

46. January 20, 2000: (Re-broadcast 1/21 - 1/23/2000): Channel 3- TV, interview of Jeffrey Peters by former NH State Senator, Mark Hounsell on his show "Face-to-Face". Hounsell in his commentary urges WMUR-TV's Karen Brown to include Peters in the televised national debate, Conway, NH.

47. January 20, 2000: Jeff Flint, News Director of WMWV Radio Station, reports that Jeffrey Peters breaks through to the top 3 Democratic Primary Candidates when NH Public TV interviews only Gore, Bradley, and Peters for its 3 separate "NH Roundtable" shows. Story is re-broadcast on January 24, 2000 morning drive time news.

48. January 21, 2000 (re-broadcast 1/22 - 1/23/2000): NH Public Television interview of Jeffrey Peters on "NH Roundtable" after Richard Ager, Producer decides that Mr. Peters is the only serious candidate of the 14 Democratic Candidates other than Gore and Bradley.

49. January 26, 2000: CNN's Bill Delaney interviews Jeffrey Peters in concord, NH and broadcasts portions of the CNN TV Interview on Inside Politics.

50. January 26, 2000: C-Span, MTV, National Public TV, and CNN broadcast debate of the "Lesser Known" Candidates including Jeffrey Peters. Debate hosted by former NH governor Hugh Gregg and panel included NH Secretary of State William Gardner.

51. January 27, 2000: Dick Fritz of The Peterborough Transcripts published story on Jeffrey Peters and the NH Primary, Peterborough, NH.

52. January 27, 2000: WMWV broadcasts 30 minute radio conversation between Jeffrey Peters and "Drive-Time" host, George Cleveland, Conway, NH.

53. January 27, 2000: Front page picture and quote from Jeffrey Peters "Our democracy is in danger of perishing" and article by Sarah Earle in the Concord Monitor, Concord, NH.

54. January 28, 2000: WAMC, NY Talk Radio: Jeffrey Peters speaks on the anti-democratic nature of the NY State Primary regulations which were keeping John McCain (and others) off the NY Ballot. (NY State ultimately relents and allows McCain onto the ballot.)

55. January 28, 2000: The New Hampshire newspaper interviews Jeffrey Peters, Durham, NH.

56. January 28, 2000: WUNH broadcasts 30 minute radio interview with Jeffrey Peters, Durham, NH.

57. January 28, 2000: Channel 3 TV rebroadcasts the Presidential Announcement Speech given by Jeffrey Peters at the National Press Club of Washington, DC on November 19, 1999.

58. January 28, 2000: "Campaign Finance Reform =Tax Cut for Taxpayers," Letter to the Editor published by The Citizen, Laconia, NH.

59. January 28, 2000: Keene State University Radio Station WKNH broadcasts 30 minute interview of Jeffrey Peters conducted by station manager, Stephen Parker.

60. January 30, 2000: Voice of America's Pei Xu interviews Jeffrey Peters on We The People's goal of a rebirth of democracy, for radio transmission to The People's Republic of China.

61. January 31, 2000: Norman Miller of The Citizen completes story on Jeffrey Peters for President, Laconia, NH.

62. February 1, 2000: "Peters pleads voters to clean up dirty money system," Letter to the Editor published in The Conway Daily Sun, North Conway, NH.

63. February 1, 2000: Jeffrey Peters does live 30 minute radio interview for one of talk radio's most popular shows: The Jim Hightower Show, broadcast nationally.

64. February 3, 2000: "Peters offers alternative to 'big money' politics" is front page headline of article by News Editor, Colin Reilly of The Equinox Newspaper, Keene, NH.

65. February 4, 2000: Managing Editor interviews Jeffrey Peters for The Dartmouth, Hanover, NH.

66. February 8, 2000: Jeffrey Peters attributes fresh interest in politics to the reform movement of McCain and Bradley and We The People. "We The People want to replace cynicism with hope, alienation with inspiration, and apathy with action." The Conway Daily Sun, North Conway, NH.

68. March 23, 2000: "We The People Presidential Candidate Jeffrey Peters walked with Granny D" in Texas and Washington, DC and compares her to Gandhi - both walked for their country's independence, one from Great Britain, the other from Big Money. The Mountain Ear, Conway, NH.

69. April 12, 2000: Associated Press Story indicating Jeffrey Peters stands for time -tested ideals, and that he is positioning himself as an alternative to Pat Buchanan for the Reform Party Presidential nomination. Mr. Peters is also seeking the Presidential nomination of We The People, with campaign finance reform as his top priority. Story carried in The Union Leader, Manchester, NH (New Hampshire's #1 newspaper) and The Conway Sun, North Conway, NH, among others.

70. April 15, 2000: Letter to the Editor printed: "Finally Some Good News for McCain and Bradley Supporters", Caledonian Record, Littleton, NH.

71. April 16, 2000: Letter to the Editor printed: "Finally Some Good News for McCain and Bradley Supporters", The Citizen, Laconia, NH.

72. May 9, 2000: C-Span's Washington Journal, Jeffrey Peters announces he will provide a home for the progressive and centrist wing of the Reform Party, as an alternative to Pat Buchanan for the Reform Party Presidential nomination.

73. May 14, 2000: Peters proposes 5 Presidential primaries Feb. 1 - June 1, and one national primary on July 4th to celebrate our democracy, The Philadelphia Inquirer, Philadelphia, PA.

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