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Peters For The People Encouraging you to take back your Country by voting your conscience — "write-in" Peters For President at election time!

Jeffrey Peters is Co-Founder and Chairman of We The People.

We The People is a new citizens movement dedicated to a rebirth of democracy all across America. We The People’s motto is "Truth in Action: Tell the truth, Be inclusive, and Take exemplary action." We The People has a national presence, and is appropriately registered with the Secretary of State in all 50 states.

Almost 2/3 of the American people did not vote in the 1998 Congressional elections; a 51% majority of people did not vote in the 1996 Presidential election. We The People want to modernize democracy by making it easier to register, easier to vote, and easier to run for elective office.

Specifically, We The People favors:

  • Registering to vote on election day at the polling place.
  • Voting by mail.
  • Voting by phone and by computer with PIN Numbers.
  • Direct Democracy — Voter Initiative & Referendum — as a complement to Representative Democracy.
  • Voting on weekends from Saturday AM — Sunday PM.
  • Clean Money Campaign Finance Reform for all House, Senate and Presidential elections; and eventually all statewide elections.
  • Free access to TV, Radio and Print Media for credible candidates from September-November of each election year.
  • Nationwide write-in votes for President, so every voter has a real choice.

Peters on the Issues:

The Direct Democracy Initiative would put you, the people, back in charge of our democracy - would put in place at the Federal level what already exists in 24 States — the right of the people to make laws by means of the initiative and referendum process. The right has its roots in the Preamble to the Constitution which reads in part: "We The People of the United States…do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America."

The Direct Democracy Initiative in no way replaces our representative system of government — it just complements it. If big money and special interests prevent our representative government from acting, then the people can act by the initiative and referendum process. That is what happened when Maine, Arizona, and Massachusetts all passed Campaign Finance Reform for statewide elections by means of the initiative and referendum process. Via the initiative and referendum process, Campaign Finance Reform will be on the ballot in Missouri, New Mexico, and Oregon on election day 2000.

Campaign Finance Reform:

Do you know how much it costs to run for political office? An average of $135 million to become President, $6 million for Senate, and $600,000 for a seat in Congress. Special interests invested $2.2 billion in campaign contributions for the Presidential and Congressional elections of 1996. Those same special interests received $125 billion worth of benefits for their campaign contributions, or a 50:1 rate of return on their investments, according to Time Magazine’s special 4 part series in November of 1998. That means when you go to pay your taxes April 15,th approximately $1,000 (one thousand dollars) of your Federal tax bill goes to pay for these benefits as tax relief and government contracts for special interests (ie. large corporations, wealthy individuals, and big labor unions). Doesn’t that make you angry? $1,000 of your taxes is going to the special interests!

For a mere $10 (ten dollars) per taxpayer, We The People can buy back our / your representatives from the special interests by a means of "public financing of all House and Senate elections" — this means Clean Money Campaign Reform for all House and Senate elections, as well as the Presidential election. That’s a saving of $990 - versus the $1,000 we currently pay (without being asked if we want to pay it) to the special interests when we pay our Federal Taxes.

Clean Money Campaign Reform is on the people’s minds — we need to take back our country and demand that our elected representatives address this issue and vote for the reforms necessary!

Insist on Public Financing of all national elections! It would only cost $10 per voter. Isn’t our democracy worth that much?

The Direct Democracy Initiative, Campaign Finance Reform, Term Limits and Full Employment at a "livable" wage are approved issues for We The People.

Bio on Jeffrey B. Peters

Jeffrey Peters was President of his class in high school, and graduated Cum Laude from Harvard College in 1970, where he majored in Government. He studied the American Presidency with Doris Kearns Goodwin and Foreign Policy with Henry Kissinger.

Mr. Peters was elected and re-elected to the legislative body of Greenwich, CT. He was a candidate for US Congress and a long term Member of the Democratic Leadership Council, before Co-Founding We The People in 1995.

Mr. Peters is a serious candidate for President, who has campaigned in 30 states and been covered by over 40 media outlets including CBS News, National Public Television, White House Chronicle, The Associated Press, The New York Times, The Boston Globe, The Washington Times, The Concord Monitor, White House Weekly, and National Public Radio.

Mr. Peters has made his living as an entrepreneur. His first dream was a success, founding USMDC, in 1978, a New York based real estate, finance and new business development corporation. He has served as the corporation’s President and CEO since 1981.He realized his second dream by starting We The People as a campaign for our country. His mission is to revive the "can-do" spirit of America.

Peters strongly believes the American people are ready to take back their country from big money and the special interests.



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