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Jeffrey Peters Personal Positions on the Issues:

As Cici and I travel all across America "listening loudly" to all Americans, we find one underlying common concern leading to the current cynicism regarding politics: "All politics are corrupt, and all politicians are crooks!" If corruption between big money and big government is the common concern, then Clean Money Campaign Finance Reform would take big money out of politics and put the voter back in charge, by providing public financing for public service and free TV time for qualified candidates one month before the election.

My personal platform, like a sturdy table, has four strong legs as a foundation:

  1. Clean Money Campaign Finance Reform;
  2. The Direct Democracy Initiative of one person one vote - putting you, the voter back in charge;
  3. Universal Health Insurance, starting with catastrophic health insurance and preventative medicine and ending with Medicare for all, including prescription drug coverage;
  4. We The People and The People's Prosperity Act - to solve the problem of the increasing disparity in our economic prosperity, we need incentives for a national "living wage" plus a "piece of the action" for all American employees. This means an average of $8.00 per hour plus profit sharing or employee stock ownership for all employees, including the "hamburg flippers" at McDonalds and not just the senior executives at Microsoft.

A wise old proverb says "where there is no vision, the people perish". Today We The People say, "Where there is a positive vision, the people prosper". We The People and The People's Prosperity Act is a positive vision for the future, which transforms corporate capitalism into popular capitalism, a "win-win" system that touches everyone and leaves no one behind.

How Jeffrey Peters would govern differently if he were President.

  1. By requiring the Federal Government to purchase solar and hybrid, alternative fuel vehicles for its huge government owned fleet of vehicles; this would have the effect of lowering the price of alternative fuel vehicles to the consumer;
  2. By adopting the recommendation of former military officials and the Business Leaders for Sensible Priorities - to steam line our defense cutting our military budget by 15%, or US $40 billion, and transferring that money to improve education (ie. better pay for teachers, smaller classes, new technology in the classrooms, etc);
  3. By making college education "free" to all students in exchange for time spe nt in community service (four years for four years), and/or 100% low interest loans with reasonable repayment schedules;
  4. By bringing back the CCC- Civilian Conservation Corps, in combination with a National Service Program, so the draft becomes "service to country" and not just military - all citizens would be required to give one year to their country between high school and college;
  5. By making voting easier, allowing voting by mail, phone, and computer with instant registration on election day, with photo ID and proof of residency; institute "Instant Runoff Voting," so every vote counts;
  6. By paying off the national debt which costs $250 billion a year in interest payments, one of the top 5 government expenditures;
  7. By requiring minimum, bio-degradable packaging (in order to reduce trash; by prohibiting the production of any sort of waste (plastics, nuclear, etc.) which we do not know how to get rid of first.

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