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We The People Newsletter, January, 1999

Dear Members and Interested Friends:

For those of you who did not receive the last minutes of WTP’s meetings, we feel it is a good time to remind each one of us of what we are trying to do! "The next time you see geese heading north for the summer, flying along in "V" formation, you might consider what science has discovered as to why they fly that way. As each bird flaps its wings, it creates an uplift for the bird immediately following. By flying in "V" formation the whole flock adds at least 71 percent greater flying range than if each bird flew on its own.

People who share a common direction and sense of community can get where they are going more quickly and easily, because they are traveling on the thrust of one another.

When a goose falls out of formation, it suddenly feels the drag and resistance of trying to go it alone – and quickly gets back into formation to take advantage of the lifting power of the bird in front. If we have as much sense as a goose we will stay in formation with those people who are headed the same way we are."

On an exciting front - - WTP has continued its efforts on CAMPAIGN FINANCE REFORM and the "Our Country" Citizen’s Action. We have set the date of April 7-14, 1999 in Washington, DC- during the Cherry Blossom Festival time. We will leaflet Congress, the Supreme Court, the Capitol building, and the White House. We need volunteers for this effort – if housing is an issue, let us know.

Another exciting note: the WE THE PEOPLE PRESIDENTIAL NOMINATING CONVENTION we hope to hold in Philadelphia September 15 – 17, 2000 at Carpenters Hall, located at 320 Chestnut Street below Fourth! Called the Carpenters’ Company, and founded in 1724, it is the oldest existing craft guild in the US and is committed to sharing with others its "sacred trust". This modest two story building has played an important part in our history: in 1774, the seeds of American independence were sown by the First Continental Congress meeting within its walls. Two years later, the Pennsylvania Provincial Conference met there and dissolved its ties with Great Britain, declaring Pennsylvania an independent colony. It was at this first convention that Patrick Henry made his famous statement, "I am not a Virginian, but an American." Following the closing of the convention the delegates gathered at the nearby City Tavern still in operation today.

Patent/Service Mark Registration: Cici is researching this for WTP with the help of some lawyers, who feel the Service Mark is the way to go for us.

National Write-In Campaign: Jeffrey is researching this as a possible way to go for the elections in the year 2000. There would be no need togather the millions of signatures to get on the ballot nor form a formal national third party, though we are registered now in all 50 states as either a political party, a Pac, or a not-for-profit corporation, what ever format was legal, reserved our name, and did not require undue amounts of money or signatures.

Internet: Cici and Jeffrey would like to thank Gary K. Foote and CJ Foote of Webbers Communications for the design, organizing and handling of this website. We still need someone to manage the member's database and respond to e-mail inquiries and comments. Want to volunteer?

Computer Help/Data Management: Cici is working on finding someone to help with this area. We are amassing lots of names, interested people, and are receiving lots of calls and requests for information – it is encouraging, exciting and overwhelming! Currently we are using ACT Database Management Software – Cici needs help –any volunteers?

Call 1- 877-We The People: WTP now has a toll free 800 number (calls are free to the caller, with all incoming toll free calls paid for by WTP). We were lucky enough to be able to get the number: 1-877-We The People!!

WTP RV: The first major gift to the Peters was a 33’ RV- a Thor Residency! The President of Habitat for Humanity in New London, NH looked at the list of ways she and her husband, in their individual capacities, could be helpful and the RV intrigued them. So, as of August we have been making trips in it to learn what people around the country have on their minds – we ask them what the most important issue for them, for their family, and for the country is- the feed back has been interesting and there is a lot of agreement on the issues! The top five seem to be:

  • Campaign Finance and Election Reform,
  • Education,
  • Environment,
  • Economic disparity between the well to do and the struggling poor, and
  • Ethics, Morality and Family Values.

The trip from California (where we picked up the RV) back across the country to NH was incredible – people literally followed us into gas stations and parking lots to ask about WTP. We were able to get signs (computer vinyl graphics) made for the sides and they proved very effective!

Move to NH: the base for WTP is now in NH versus CT. NH is where WTP will have access to the free media during national elections, it is the first primary state, and the people are independently minded. We hope to be able to "capitalize" on the free media and press opportunities – the RV should be a great help with this and should create interest in WTP!

PR and Media Attention: during the next year and a half we will take the RV around the country to promote WTP as a new citizen’s movement and the concept of a massive national write in campaign. Jessie Ventura’s win in Minnesota for the Governorship of that state indicates that the time is ripe for WTP! We need pro-bono help in this area also – any ideas? We have a friend in television and radio, who has offered to do some advance work for us when we hit the road in Febr4uary - but we need more – newspaper interviews, radio shows and television shows – both local and national. So, any names and phone numbers of media contacts are needed.

The WTP Story: We are working on keeping diaries of all RV trips – with notes on who was spoken to, where we went, reactions, humorous happenings, and important events -–who knows this could be the beginning of a book called "What The People Want."

WTP Advertising/Handouts: Along with the printed information that WTP hands out, we will be ordering some pens for WTP supporters to use for their WRITE IN VOTE- it is a catchy idea used previously in a Florida Senate Race. Does anyone know of a donor for this project?

Membership and Funding: The membership drive is getting under way – those of you who have not yet joined – NOW IS THE TIME! [Join Here] We need funding, which is a huge project and Jeffrey is working full time on it – the RV will help, usually after the first gift rolls in others follow! Jeffrey continues to have meetings with potential financial supporters- any leads or personal introductions you might have will be most welcome.

PROGRESS REPORT ON MEETINGS: In August, the Peters went to Atlanta, GA to visit with long time friend (from DLC-Democratic Leadership Council days),

Senator Sam Nunn. He is very enthusiastic about our efforts and will help in any way he can. He unfortunately for WTP has an excellent reason for not being able to join WTP formally – he needs to keep the Georgia Democratic Party a viable alternative to the mostly white Republican Party in that state. If people like Nunn leave the Democratic Party in GA the problem of division and racism will become ever greater – it is a powerful reason and admirable we feel. His help and advice will continue to be invaluable!

The Peters attended a meeting of The American News Women’s Club in Washington, DC in November – Jeffrey has been asked to speak before the group in the future which should create interest and coverage for WTP. We made several good contacts there and heard Michael Murphy speak, he was an Advisor in the resent Jeb Bush campaign as well as several other national campaigns- he was fascinating and very Republican (unlike Dick Morris who will help any candidate of any party). One of the most interesting people for WTP, and potentially helpful, was a C-SPAN Education Communications Specialist who offered her help.

It is our tentative plan to "go public" with WTP with a Press Meeting at the National Press Club in Washington, DC – no date is set as yet. We have used the facility before for press meetings in the past and it is well respected, centrally located and very well organized for this type of event. Perhaps it will coordinate with the Our Country Citizen’s Action in April.

DATES to remember and MARK on your CALENDAR:

  • April 7-14, 1999- "Our Country" Citizen’s Action
That’s all for now – please send ideas, offers of help, names of people interested in receiving WTP information, questions and clippings to us – stay in touch!

Warmest greetings,

Cici and Jeffrey Peters

Join We The People

Jackson, NH 03846

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