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September 20, 2000 - Newsletter

Dear WTP Members, Supporters, Friends & Family,

We apologize for being out of touch with most of you while we have been on the road campaigning across the NW states into California. On October 9th, we will continue the campaigning in California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas concentrating on areas with large Hispanic populations. We have campaigned in 37 states thus far and intend to be in all 50 by election day in November. We try to contact everyone as we roll into your state and apologize for missing anyone due to a time or scheduling crunch!

With all that is going on and with a time-crunch between now and Election Day on November 7, 2000 this form of communication seems best to let you know what is going on and to invite you to some exciting historic events being sponsored by We The People in Boston on October 2nd! See the attached flyer and agenda for details of the second Boston Tea Party and the first inclusive Presidential debate. (For those of you outside of the NE see the web site www.WeThePeople-WTP.org for copies of the flyer and agenda or call us and we will send them to you.)

In August, we attended the Republican Shadow Convention in Philadelphia, the Democratic Shadow Convention, People's Convention, and Reform Party Conventions in California. They were fascinating and not at all like what the media has reported - full of great ideas, new WTP supporters and enthusiasm for our coalition building efforts among independent and third party groups around the country.

You can look on the web site to see all of the details about the First Citizen's Cabinet held in New Hampshire last July 22-23. We had approximately 20 citizens attend including Granny D - Doris Haddock, great grandmother who walked across the US on behalf of Campaign Finance Reform arriving in Washington, DC last February from Pasadena, CA! The meeting was very successful.

We decided to cancel the plans for the WTP Convention which was scheduled for Carpenter's Hall in Philadelphia, PA for mid- September so that the Boston events could be planned and executed with as much excellence as possible. We hope to combine the Boston TV Party, first inclusive Presidential Debate, and a less formal Citizen's Cabinet Meeting in Boston in early October.

When we return to California we have a fundraiser planned in Carmel and a "party for just plain folks" planned in Big Sur at the "Biker Friendly " Fernwood RV and Camping Resort and owned by Bob Robinson and his wife Cheryl Harris who have become new WTP members and some of our most energetic supporters! The Bar now has Peters For President posters on each side of its massive river rock fireplace amidst the Harley Davidson posters and sculptures of Harleys. We are lucky to have met such enthusiastic new members to add to our growing list of supporters! After California we will move on to Arizona (to visit the Powers adobe finca on the Gila River), New Mexico (to visit Sandra and Jack Rothfork), Texas (where cousins and Citizen Cabinet members live) plus Colorado (with lots of cousins and supporters), and the central states which we have not visited thus far. Some friends from Mexico are even planning to come to campaign with us!

A longer newsletter will follow later - for now just know that we send warmest greetings to each of you and hope some of you will plan to join us in Boston on October 2nd for these important and historic events - or offer to host some sort of gathering (any size) for us in your state. Just tell us when and we will try to be there!

Until then, remember to vote for your favorite candidate on November 7th. As most of you know, Jeffrey is running the first national write-in campaign for President. We will be upset if you do not "write-in" Peters for President, but we will be more upset if you do not vote at all!

All our love, The Peters

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