We The People

We The People
Co-Founders: Jeffrey & Catherine Peters
Tin Mine Rd. (3rd drive on left)
Jackson, NH 03846

December, 2000 - Newsletter


Dear WTP Members, Supporters, Friends & Family,

When CNN Headline News reported the first results of the 2000 Presidential Election in Hart's Location, NH from 2AM - 2PM on November 7th, only three candidates got votes: Bush, Gore, and Peters. None for Nader. That was "poetic justice", since Nader had rejected the recommendation of Jeffrey Peters and John Hagelin (Natural Law Party Presidential Candidate) that Nader lead a third party coalition by promising to form a multi-party cabinet, choosing the "best of the best" from all the parties. Unfortunately, Nader proved the old adage that "you can take a horse to water, but you can't make 'em drink," and in addition ,that "you can't teach an old dog new tricks." Nader turned out to be an old leader from the old millenium; what we need now is a new leader for the new millenium!

Therefore, We The People are building a Coalition of Independents to provide the American people with a positive vision for the future, a new pro-democracy consensus, and a winning, independent coalition candidate for the 2008 presidential election - a new leader for the new millenium.

We The People are inviting all non-voters and independent-minded voters, all third parties, all former independent presidential candidates, and all national citizen movements to join together in building a powerful Coalition of Independents to win back the White House for the people in 2008. This Coalition of Independents will focus on what unites us - our Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of these United States of America.

From 1997 to 2000, Jeffrey and Cici Peters dedicated their "lives," their "fortunes," and their "sacred honor" to the cause of We The People. They were able to do this because of "miraculous" actions taken by members of We The People. They traveled over 44,0000 miles in 41 states and the District of Columbia listening to Americans and spreading the message of We The People, thanks to Bob Mustard who first introduced us to Marlene and Walter Graf, who provided their RV for the Peters' use. They communicated with the internet community, thanks to Cindy and Gary Foote, who designed the We The People web site and served as its webmaster, as well as Jonathan Corum and Doug Hurd who later took over as webmaster. They gathered signatures on petitions in 16 states, thanks to volunteers like Gus Jacacci, who also doubled as "Thomas Jefferson" in the first Citizen's Cabinet Meeting of We The People. They empowered the people, and reduced the power of big corporations and the TV Networks, by initiating the second Boston Tea Party - called "The Boston TV Party", thanks to the donation of the Boston Tea Party Ship by Don Knuttilla, the Ellis Island Ferry boat by Jim Concannon, and the gutted TV sets by Ed Zellefrow and Helen Chase, plus the continued support of Kenny Chase, Sherry Chase, and Laura Fleming, and the generous hospitality of Sol and Nayier Mojtabai. They "video streamed" the Boston TV Party on the We The People web site, thanks to Martha and Lochlin Reed of Minnesota, and Sharyn and Olof Eckberg of NH. They distributed Peters for President "write-in pens", thanks to Francis and Dick Powers as well as Nicole and Adam Straus. They played patriotic music prepared by We The People members, Otto Miller and Sony recording artist Yamira Santielli, who sang the lead song: "We Can Change the World - Nosotros Si!" To all of you who helped us, We the Peters and We The People are extremely grateful. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Now this question for the Members and Friends of We The People: should Jeffrey and Cici continue dedicating themselves to "We The People" for the next four years, or not? If so, do any of you have any suggestions of "financial angels" who might support this effort? If so, please send those suggestions immediately to the Peters. If not, the Peters need to return to the private sector to earn a living and "make ends meet."

In the spirit of John and Abigail Adams, we remain - - patriotically yours,
Jeffrey B. Peters & Catherine H. Chase Peters

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