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We The People: Creating a Platform

The overall purpose of We The People is to restore the democratic process by telling the truth, being inclusive, and taking exemplary action (ie. Truth In Action).

What better platform for We The People than the six goals of good government as set forth in our Constitution, and Re-Adapting them to the 21st Century. This process will be the first activity of each local and state chapter of We The People.

The process begins with the "Creation of a More Perfect Union." - the other five goals can not be achieved without the Creation of a More Perfect Union.

In order to Create a More Perfect Union, it is necessary to reconcile our differences, because in spite of all of our differences, at the core of our essence, we are all the same, in the sense that:

  • When we are born, we all enjoy being touched, held, and loved; and that continues to be true for most of us until the day we die;

  • As we grow up, we recognize the need for food, clothing, and shelter, in order to survive;

  • When we become adults, we recognize that in order to survive, we need a job;

  • Once we have a job, we long for work which allows us to realize our potential; that which is unique and special about each and every one of us.
Since our essence is similar, we need to look beyond our apparent differences and emphasize what we have in common.
Forgiving our former opponents, whether they be Democrats or Republicans, is a good place to start.

Forgiveness needs to be more than an occasional activity;

Forgiveness needs to be more like a permanent attitude, so that we can get on with the task of putting our Country's Best Interests First.

As Thomas Jefferson said in his Inaugural Address of 1801:
"Let us, then, fellow-citizens, unite with one heart and one mind...unite in common efforts for the common good. Let us restore to social intercourse that harmony and affection without which liberty and even life itself are but dreary things."
And today, let us be proud to say: "We are doing it for our Country!"

Another Goal of our Platform, as reflected in The U.S. Constitution, is to promote the general Well-Being of all the People - to renew Economic Prosperity for each and every American, so that every able bodied American has a job at a livable wage; so that he or she can purchase sufficient food, clothing, shelter, and medical services to survive, and then strive for the highest quality of life possible, consistent with conserving and preserving our planet's natural resources for future generations.

To renew Economic Prosperity and achieve full employment for our people, we need American Technological Leadership for the 21st Century. One way to achieve American Technological Leadership for the 21st Century is to create an American Technology Development Bank. The American Technology Development Bank would be a partnership between the private sector and the government. The best and brightest of our private sector leaders would manage the American Technology Development Bank, and the only role of the U.S. government would be to provide its government guarantee to encourage our private sector financial institutions to make long-term, low-cost financing available to our most promising new American technologies. In this way, we would overcome our current short-term and short-sighted mentality, and we would convert America's top notch research and development into high quality, globally-competitive products.

It might be beneficial to connect The American Technology Development Bank with a "Big Dream." For example, making real the dream that every U.S. household, especially the poor as well as the rich, have an "on-line" and "at-home" user friendly personal computer with world-wide access to information on the "Internet," with self-training available in those higher paid skills "in demand" by our economy, and the ability to vote on the most important issues of our time in periodic national initiatives. Our Social Security numbers could serve as our personal identification numbers to prevent voter fraud.

Ample bi-partisan precedents for The American Technology Development Bank have existed in the past -- amazingly enough, the Reconstruction Finance Corporation was initiated by the Hoover administration, while the Tennessee Valley Authority was inaugurated by Franklin D. Roosevelt. Moreover, the American Technology Development Bank would not require major new government spending, since the only budget required would be to cover the salaries and administrative expenses of the private sector leaders and their staff who would manage the bank. In order to account for the possibility that one or more of the government guaranteed loans might default, the American Technology Development Bank would be compensated by a modest equity interest in the ownership of the new technology business product, in addition to the interest charged on the loan. In this way, after an initial start-up phase, the American Technology Development Bank would become a self-sustaining economic entity.

One additional distinguishing feature of our efforts to promote the general Well-Being of our people could be the following: We The People can encourage each of us to take exemplary action, and to encourage all of us to become exemplary leaders in our local communities - to act locally, and think globally; to think big, and start small; to "practice random acts of kindness." For example, I pick up trash on a daily basis, in our neighborhood - because I am committed to a clean and pristine planet. If we each take just one exemplary action per day, we will promote the general well-being of us all.

Goals three through six of our platform, as reflected in the U.S. Constitution (ie. establishing Justice, providing for the Common Defense, insuring Domestic Tranquility, and guaranteeing Liberty), can be adopted and applied, with corresponding exemplary actions to be taken, and policies to be pursued, so that we get no more, nor less, government than We The People want.

As Abraham Lincoln said in his "Peoria Speech" of 1854: "Let us re-adopt the Declaration of Independence, and with it the practices and policy which harmonize with it. Let North and South - let all Americans - let all lovers of liberty everywhere join in this great and good work."

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