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The Peters, former Ridgefield residents are in California to find out:

Issued by Catherine and Jeffrey Peters, on assignment in Long Beach, California
August 14, 2000

This is worse than Connecticut Politics! It was dirty and amazingly coercive to watch the local 5th Congressional District of CT officials intimidate people during the delegate selections and nominating conventions - but this is Buchanan ballot box stuffing and intimidation on a much larger scale!

Jeffrey Peters (former 1986 - 1998 resident of Ridgefield, CT, former 5th District U.S. Congressional Candidate and now the first Presidential candidate of We The People) calls for unity among the independent and 3rd party efforts! "The only way we can take back this country is by uniting - the country belongs to us : We, The People - not to the big corporations and large financial supporters who bribe our public officials every day / all day long."

Yesterday, Thursday August 10th- Jim Mangia, the Chair of the Reform Party USA (the original Reform Party founded by Ross Perot in 1992) was interviewed on TV with Bay Buchanan (Pat Buchanan's sister and campaign manager). Bay Buchanan told the interviewer, and the TV audience- that they, the Buchanan forces (note the war like tone) had won the race 30 - 40 days ago, that Mangia should give it up.

Since when do votes and voters' ballots not count? The primary ballots are in but not yet counted - the results are not in. Over 900,000 Reform Party ballots were mailed out to those who requested one all over the country (member or not could request a ballot). The Buchanan Brigade, as they enjoy being called said they won 30 - 40 days ago! The ballots were sent out in July - by an independent company who is also responsible for counting and reporting of the ballots. This could be ballot box stuffing of the most incredible sort- Buchanan has never proven that he even qualified to be on the ballot (the rules stated that a candidate needed to get petition signatures in 18 states, the number required in each state was different but always over 100 and on the average the range was from 100 to 4,000). The hurdles were high unless one spent $6,000,000 to pay professional signature gatherers; or had a cadre of workers (ie. the Buchanan Brigade and its myriad workers; and members of the Natural Law Party who helped John Hagelin).

This is a fight about principles, NOT about money! It is about honesty, democracy, and process - not about greed, fascism or self promotion - unfortunately here in Long Beach it has become the latter for the Buchanan Brigade. One can only hope for eventual unity among Independents and 3rd party efforts in order to break the death grip of our 2 party system where both factions resemble the other and are controlled by big money and powerful donors and their monetary bribes. The year may not be the time - but soon - very soon!

The goal is for better government, better leaders, leaders who represent the people - all of us!

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