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From: June Wells of Medford, Oregon
"We have talked with so many about you and thought so often of your heroic, exhausting adventure trying to bring the message of Campaign Finance Reform with We The People.

Donald and I want to express our sincere gratitude and to urge you never to lose that fire for reform which all the younger generations must carry with us for our tattered Democracy.

You TWO are sustenance and inspiration to young and old to Fight the Good Fight and to Keep the Faith that we can do it ... sometime.

Here are some photos of "Granny D" taken at her excellent speech here in Medford. I spoke to her about you, Jeffrey. Her eyes sparkled as she said "I wish I could thank those young folks. We sure need 'em.' "

From: Thor Sigstedt of Santa Fe, NM
"Because of the present election situation I remembered vividly your election day letter to me. Chills went up and down my spine as I recalled your words about the power of a vote. I want to honor you for your ability to cut to the chase in this situation and to present so clearly what the identifying issue of importance is here. I sent off some letters to the editor with the text of your election day message because of the clarity, etc...Hope all is well. Your friend, Thor"

From: George Ripley via e-mail
"I have been tardy in getting to you a much deserved note of appreciation for all your strenuous efforts not only with your campaign, but especially in those efforts surrounding the 1st debate! Your commitment was inspiring.

I can't tell you how much I enjoyed the Boston TV Party! I even saw a photo of us all in the 'Berkshire Eagle'.

So congratulations and thanks for all you did, and keep up the effort in the "good ideas" category.... I hope you are as pleased as I am over the current face off in Florida. It's a wake up call.

I was just attending a living wage conference in Baltimore put on by ACORN at the Maritime Institute. I couldn't help but realize how appropriate a venue that was as we meet in our attempts to turn the Ship of State. Bravo for the courage of third parties! We just sent a shudder throughout the Ship!

Thanks again, the TV party was unforgettable. George Ripley"

From: "Granny D" - Doris Haddock of Dublin, NH. "Home for a few days, and found your wonderful letter and good account of your Boston TV Party. I am so happy for you that it went so well and you had such good coverage!

Would love to hear how you two are doing and what nefarious plans you hope to get involved with that are open to the public. Hugs to you both. Doris"

from Robert Mustard, Jr. of Duxbury, MA:
"There is no one I trust more than Jeffrey Peters to serve our country as President. He has a firm grasp of the issues, especially those that can unite us. I know of few people with Jeffrey's sense of commitment and love of country. He has my vote for President of the United States."

from Richard Lazarski, Seymour, CT:
"Quite frankly I don't understand why you guys would put yourselves through all the bull...are you guys crazy? But, I do know a little about you and Jeff and I do know you both have a burning desire to serve people and do the right thing for this grand country of ours. Unlike so many politicians who are only in the race for their personal gain, you guys seem to be different. Stand tall, stand up for your beliefs, and be proud - I do admire your tenacity...I told everyone here that a friend of mine was running for president. They said: "what?" I said I was damn proud of him..."

from Blake Steen, Longview, WA:
"...I am writing to you today because I would like to know more about We The People and Jeff Peters Presidential Campaign for 2000.... First of all it's a pleasure for me to address this letter to you because I believe your vision for American/American people will move us all closer to our full potential in our lives/communities. I don't think it's fair in our Republic/Democracy to leave out Presidential Candidates because the media and newspapers refuse to cover the (campaigns). Everyone should have a equal shot...I know that WTP is making a difference with getting out the issues to our family (people in the country) and making a difference in our young voters. We have a choice in 2000 to move forward, or we can sit back and watch citizens not vote. We need to change some of our laws with the FEC (Federal Elections Commission). Let us stride for goodness, integrity for all Americans to fulfill their potential/American dream for all. I wish you the best of luck in your Presidential Campaign. You have my support...Thanks Jeff/We The People you are making a difference in our nation. May God bless you/ (your) family/ America."

from Helen Chase, Ashokan, NY:
"...I am so proud of you, what you are doing is so very important. It takes great courage and commitment to run for office in this country. To run for President is an awesome task - you are showing that it is possible ... without big money to try for the Presidency..."

from Bob Leventhal, Washington, DC:
"...I feel privileged to become a part of your ambitious and noble undertaking... I got the WTP Newsletter and sent a small con tribution; my financial status does not permit more. But my admiration and enthusiasm for your mission are there in great measure....I am with you!"

from Sol & Nayier Mojtabai, Wellesley Hills, MA:
"...We have told many people about We The People and they all seem to like what they hear. Lots of luck, (and this one just from me 'Nayier', thanks for all you are doing for our country)...."

from Richard M. Treen of Norway (originally from Ohio):
"I just finished reading your last News Letter for the 3rd or 4th time. To be honest, I signed on with WTP out of loyalty to Cici, and I've always considered myself a dyed in the wool conservative all these years, even though Rush makes me crings occasionally. The last president I voted for was RN (Richard Nixon). Perhaps I've lived in Europe too long, or perhaps I'm just starting to wake up, but Long Live Peters for Presidnet! If you get on the ballot, I might even just go home and vote (or get an absentee ballot and write in your name from here). You're so 'right on the mark', that I felt like I was just hit on the head. Good Luck with your "TATA Tour" and hang in there. Rick"

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